Vermont Governor's Highway Safety Program

Vermont Governor's Highway Safety Program (GHSP) awards federal highway safety grant funds to local, state and not-for-profit agencies for projects to improve highway safety and reduce deaths and serious injuries due to crashes. The staff of the GHSP manage the state highway safety program by reviewing and monitoring grant programs, coordinating special programs such as the Child Passenger Safety or the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) police officer programs, and by providing guidance and oversight to state and local agencies.

The GHSP also works closely within a network of state and local agencies, non-profit organizations and private-sector partners to deliver quality traffic safety projects, services, and information across the state.

Vermont Highway Safety Plan

Each year, after analyzing crash data and conducting program research, the GHSP, with oversight from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),and input from local agencies determines those program areas to be given funding priorities. These program areas represent the most critical statewide traffic safety needs. Available funds are allocated to proposed projects that fall within the identified program areas.

Projects to be conducted with the support of funding from the National Highway Safety Program are included in the Vermont's Highway Safety Plan for 2015 (pdf 15.92 MB), which is prepared annually and submitted to NHTSA for approval prior to the beginning of federal fiscal year. NHTSA's approval is required for the state to receive its funding award.

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